The global pandemic is nothing less than a 100-year flood and it has left very few untouched by its high waters. We feel we have a duty to respond in an exceptional manner: exceptional in that our response will be a one-time initiative and exceptional in that it will be notable in its scope.

Through much thoughtful consideration, the MSRA board has authorized a short-term sub-fund to be established that will be used to meet the area of greatest need for frontline workers in the Inova Health System. In addition, we will also send support to Seven Loaves Services, Inc., a pantry dedicated to providing nutritious food to those in need in Middleburg and the surrounding area.

Please consider a generous donation and join us in building a bulwark against the virus that has traveled so freely among us. Any donation made through Race Day on May 1st will be dedicated to the MSRA COVID RELIEF FUND.